How can we get my grandmother to the doctor?

First off let me start by saying I don’t want any comments about how she needs to be in a nursing home. That is out of the question.

So my Great grandmother is 86 years old and has dementia. Until about a month and a half ago she was living alone but she had began to start having trouble getting around. About 5 weeks ago she had a heart attack and fell in her home and broke her shoulder. She had a two week stay in the hospital but the doctor’s decided to put the arm in a sling instead of surgery because of her age. When she was released she came home with me because we as a family decided it was too dangerous for her to be alone any longer. She has really gone down hill lately and we have no way of getting her out of the bed right now. She is weak, and we have to keep pain medicine in her quite often on a schedule or her arm starts hurting her until it takes hours on end to get her calmed back down. The dementia, plus the sleeping and pain medicine, plus not being able to stand makes it hard for us to get her to see her doctors. Luckily we have a doctor that makes house calls but that’s only the primary doctor. We still need to see the orthopedic doctor and her heart doctor but have no way of getting her there. We can’t get her to sit up in a wheel chair and the straps that are made to hold her in the wheel chair hurt her arm. We have tried getting an ambulance to take her to the doctor but they say her insurance doesn’t cover it and one trip is $800, which we don’t have. Are there any other options for us as far as getting her to and from her doctor’s appointments. Our home health nurse is out of ideas and so are we. It’s very important that she see her doctors regularly but right now it’s impossible. And like I said earlier we are not even considering nursing homes or assisted living, she is staying here with us!

As for insurance not covering the transport to the doctor we have Humana and they told us the only way they would pay is for the doctor to say it is medically necessary for her to come into the office which the doctor’s office has done and Humana still denied the request, saying that they will only pay for an ambulance to take her to the emergency room, where of course they would simply tell us to see our primary care physician.

It’s like a never ending cycle!

ANY help would be appreciated greatly. Merry Christmas!

Try renting a large van/cargo van with seats removed so you can place her in a lying down position during transport.
Call a medical supply store in your area to see if they rent out gurneys so you can take her from the van to the hospital on the gurney. Alternatively, the medical supply store may have information on how you can transport her, and the doctor that makes the house calls may have suggestions as well.

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how to train a horse to not use a tie down?

i am looking to purchase a horse that does use a tie down. however i am not a fan of Tie Downs but i really like this horse. is there anyway to train a horse to not use one? she just has a high headset and when your hands go lower her head goes higher. She uses a tie down usually but sometimes she uses a browband tie down, which just goes across the brow. any way to get the horse off of these?

There could be a number of problems that you need to consider before you buy this horse.

Her high head set may be a result of constantly being restricted or poorly ridden, however prolonged use of a tie down could also have caused damage.
She would need to be fully evaluated by a vet before buying to check for any causes of pain and to determine if she is fully sound. After that teeth, back, feet and saddle fit will all have to be considered.

Likely from her high head set she has developed incorrect muscle (weak topline, heavy on the forehand etc) and it would take time and patience to teach her to relax and ride in a relaxed and lower contact and build up the correct muscle. It would be best to work on the ground until everything has been checked and she’s accepting the contact. Long reining and ground driving can help with this.

If you buy this horse you need to be prepared to not only spend a lot of time and money to correct someone else’s lazy and quick fixes.

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What kind of backpack should I get?

I am in high school, and I am trying to find a good backpack. I carry around about 4 binders, a couple textbooks, and some other things. I need something that is sturdy, but I also want something colorful and pretty, hopefully in the $50 range. I am OK with ordering online.

Online is definitely the way to go because you’ll have a better selection and you’ll save a lot of money. Watch how much you put in whatever backpack you choose because your bag should never weigh more than 10% of your body weight otherwise, it can be harmful for your back. You might want to leave some books in your locker or condense some of your binders to lighten your backpack load.

Here are some colorful, yet sturdy backpacks under $50

This is $36

This is currently $17 on eBay

$26 with free shipping

$11 (starting bid)

Good luck with your back to school shopping!

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If an airplane crashes, do they evacuate the pets on board?

Of course, if your pet is in-cabin with you, you take him/her when you evacuate. What about the pets travelling cargo? Does anyone evacuate them?

Unfortunately it is practically impossible for pets to be evacuated within the first 90 seconds, which is how long the crew has to get themselves and all passengers off the aircraft. Once off, we are trained to run 200 metres away as there is often a high risk of explosion. Any attempts of rescuing pets from the cargo hold would be putting human life in danger. There is also the consideration that a pet is not strapped in inside it’s cage, which would make it highly unlikely for it to survive a proper crash in the first place.

I’d like to add that air travel is the safest mode of transport known to mankind. The chances of you and your pet being on a flight that is going to crash are minimal. You’re much more likely to end up dead in a car accident on your way to the airport.

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Can I use Ratchet Tie downs to secure a 60 inch plasma tv still in the box to the top of my car?

I am getting someone a 60 inch tv this weekend and due to my car being a hatchback 4 door car I was gonna use 2 hatchet style Tie Downs to secure it to the roof of my car. The Tv is still in the box and unopened will this feature be safe for a 12 min back road car ride home?

A plasma TV needs to travel in an upright position as the screen is very fragile. If laid flat the weight of the screen will smash it self. They must be handled with great care.

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Heavy Vehicle CBA 41 – Securing the load

0 Heavy Vehicle CBA 41   Securing the loadThis video shows you the 3 ways to secure the load on a table-top truck.

Refer to the CBA Guide Book from RTA NSW:
41 – Securing the load
The driver will, to the Load Restraint Guide(LRG):
- demonstrate placing, securing, tidily stowing and removing one each of the following types of load restraint, and
- describe placement of a full set of each of the restraints which would be required to fully secure the load
* Ropes, *Chains and dogs, *Winches and straps(Webbing belts)

[WISE Driving School - (02) 9721 3588]

Duration : 0:7:46

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How To Use a Ratchet Strap

0 How To Use a Ratchet StrapA guide on how to use a Ratchet Strap from Mudfords Limited.


Duration : 0:1:1

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How to Properly Tie Down a Motorcycle

0 How to Properly Tie Down a MotorcycleIf you’ve never tied down a motorcycle, we’ll walk you through it. No worries! And if you need to pick up a set of straps, we’ve got you covered. Head to the Dennis Kirk website at to order all of your trailering supplies!

Dennis Kirk carries a full range of trailering brands. Shop top brands like Steadymate, Canyon Dancer, Powertye, PowerMadd, Parts Unlimited, Bikermaster, Ancra, and more!

Duration : 0:2:36

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Is a 1inch binder including divider tabs and pockets okay for the whole school year?

I don’t want to buy a lot of notebooks and this is my first year of high school so I’m just wondering if it’s okay.

I already bought the stuff said in the title, I’m just wondering if that’ll be good enough.

How much paper should I put in the binder that’s a safe amount for each class?
ermm it’s actually really big in size, but for some sort of reason on the side it just said 1 inch…oh well :/

What’s your schedule load like? Some classes would have a lot more paperwork than others (English, science, and math for me). Also, some classes require separate binders as a rule since they will require you to turn it in for a grade. It really depends on your teachers about this, but I have never gotten less than 3 or 4 binders for one school year (I have taken classes where it filled up one 3-in binder on its own). And more binders just keeps me organized better.

I think it’s okay to go to the first day with just one binder, that’s what I did too. Usually the teachers will go over what you need in that class then, so write them down and be ready to go shopping for last minute things that week.

As for paper, I would buy two (or one if you decide on one binder) packs at the beginning. I would put one (half in your case) in your binders. Then leave the other (half) in your locker to refill paper as necessary throughout the school year.

Hope this helps and have a great first year!

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Can an axle on a cargo trailer shift laterally & trailer ride on 3 wheels?

I inspected the under side of my cargo trailor. One wheel is less than 1/2 inch from touching the outside surface on the trailer. It’s a two axle setup and the other 3 wheels are much further away from rubbing. What can be done to eleviate this problem on the one wheel? No way to capture a photo while travelling at 50 miles per hour to see how close it is coming to touching – rubbing the tire which could cause a blowout. If that wheel goes flat can the trailer be pulled and limp back to the shop on 3 wheels?

time to inspect your springs and bushings and wheel bearings. if you have a blowout, you can remove the wheel, and use a ratchet strap to load the spring and keep the hub off the ground.
if you dont have a spare, you have to support the axle because the 2 axles share a center pivot point, so no load on the axle with no wheel will cause it to lower trying to equalize the load between both axles.

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