TranzSporter Wall Jacks by Tie Down Engineering

0 TranzSporter Wall Jacks by Tie Down EngineeringTranzSporter wall jacks. The new standard for lifting heavy walls. Two contractors and a pair of wall jacks can lift a preformed wood wall in minutes! The easiest and safest method of lifting a framed wall. For further information visit

Duration : 0:3:10

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2 Responses to TranzSporter Wall Jacks by Tie Down Engineering

  1. Lotum4n says:

    If that cable fails …
    If that cable fails what keeps´╗┐ the wall from falling back onto the framer ?

  2. benzel62 says:

    Thank you for …
    Thank you for watching the video. As always the cable as well as entire wall jack should be inspected prior to and after use. The cable may, over time, wear due to use. Although I have not had this occur, if the above were to happen both workers are always in the safe zone. If you notice in the video, the wall is always in front of the workers, they are not under the wall like other types of wall´╗┐ jacks. Let me know if this does not adequately answer your question, Ben

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